Productivity as a result

Lloyd Luna as a motivational keynote speaker at the Philippine International Convention Center.

Nothing great is happens by accident. Or maybe there are a few. But great things happen by design.

In my over a decade experience working with people, the common denominator among industries, sectors, organizations, or more specifically, people, is everybody needs to produce.

But what does it mean to produce? It sounds like it—productive. Someone is required to be productive.

An easy googling defines what the word productive means: achieving or producing a significant amount or result. Enough said.

But wait a minute. Why could cause people to be productive? What could cause productivity? What does it take for someone to achieve or produce a significant amount or result?

The answer can’t be farther from one truth: The productivity is a result of personal development. For I believe that the more developed a person is, the more he can produce. And it does is true, then the only way to be productive in life—work or business—is to develop one’s self consistently.

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