Statement of the President before departing to Auckland, New Zealand for the Global Speakers Summit 2018

Productivity Humorist Lloyd Luna in Auckland New Zealand
Productivity Humorist Lloyd Luna in Auckland New Zealand

For the longest time, the Philippines has been away from the global speaking community. We have kept ourselves from exploring global opportunities thus limiting our professional growth and development. For so many years, we thought there is absolutely no chance that we can make a mark outside our country.

Tonight, we have drawn the line between what is possible and what is not—the Philippines is ready to play its role in the global speaking community.

As I fly alone to Auckland, New Zealand, I’m bringing with me your love, prayers, and aspiration. I’m bringing with me your dreams, your trust and confidence, and conviction that one day, we will be out to make an impact on communities around the world; that one day, we will be a significant global voice that will represent the best in Filipinos.

Our first trip to the Global Speakers Summit is the beginning of many trips overseas that we will make. And my attendance to #GSS2018 will open up many partnerships and collaboration with other member-associations all across the globe. It will also strengthen our membership in the Federation as we assure them that they can now call the Philippines their home in Asia.

Our journey to becoming global starts here in flight PR 218.

May God bless PAPS. May God bless GSF.

Founder and President
February 21, 2018

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